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Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes, Pre-Moistened, 6 x 160ct containers, 960 Total Wipes

$110.15  in stock
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • Strong, lintless wipes for food contact surfaces
  • Spring-loaded lid to prevent drying
  • Ready-to-use, no-rinse required
  • 58% IPA/quat formula ideal for water sensitive equipment
  • Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Additive, Crisp Linen, 90oz, Packaging May Vary

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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria & odors, simply add to your rinse cycle
  • Contains 0% bleach, works even in cold water
  • Gentle on most fabrics including whites & colors
  • Works in all standard and HE machines
  • Suitable for use on baby clothes, gym clothes, undergarments, towels, bedding, delicates

Clorox Turbo Pro Disinfectant Cleaner for Sprayer Devices, Bleach-Free, Kills Cold and Flu Viruses and COVID-19 Virus*, 121 Fluid Ounces

$17.98  in stock
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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • DISINFECTANT CLEANER: Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria for up to 24 hours
  • DESIGNED FOR SPRAYER DEVICES: Use this formula to disinfect quickly and easily. When used with a sprayer device, all you have to do is spray, theres no wiping required
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE: Safe and effective for daily use on hard, non-porous surfaces like acrylic, chrome, glass, laminate, plastic, stainless steel, vinyl, and soft surfaces such as linens, upholstery, and mats
  • BLEACH FREE: This Clorox disinfectant is formulated without bleach and leaves a clean, fresh scent, making it safe to use on colored soft surfaces
  • WHERE TO USE: This Clorox Turbo Pro disinfectant Disinfectant cleaner Cleaner is intended for use in kitchens, gyms, beauty salons, bathroomsrestrooms, clinics, reception areas, schools, offices and locker rooms

BRIOTECH Sanitizer + Disinfectant, Kills 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria, HOCl Hypochlorous Spray, 0% Bleach 0% Alcohol, Food Contact Safe, Eliminate Non-Living Allergens & Remove Pet Odor (128 Fl Oz)

$28.99  in stock
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • ☑️ SPRAY & SANITIZE: Kills 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria.
  • ☑️ READY TO USE: 3 in 1 Formula (sanitizer, disinfectant, odor eliminator). Does not require mixing, dilution, or protective equipment. 0% Alcohol. 0% Bleach. 0% Ammonia. No overwhelming cleaning fumes. It’s time to rethink cleaning chemicals!
  • ☑️ MADE WITH HOCL: Sanitizes like traditional chemicals. Can be used to sanitize homes, bathrooms, restaurants, hospital kitchens, airports, commercial & industrial facilities, gyms, cars, tablets, mobile devices, glass, keyboards, pet toys & bowls, schools, and nurseries.
  • ☑️ NO RINSE – FOOD CONTACT SAFE: Hypochlorous is made with salt, water and electricity. No rinsing required even on food contact surfaces. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate food odors.
  • ☑️ ELIMINATE ODOR: No rinsing, quick evaporation. Removes pet odors like urine or feces. Contains no fragrances or dyes, contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and eliminates non-living allergens.

Bilinavy Spa in-Filter Mineral Sticks Parts for Hot Tub Filter Cartridge, Last for 4 Months, Yellow, 2PCS

$29.99  in stock
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • Natural Spa Experience: The nature spa mineral stick can automatically add trace minerals to the hot springs, reducing impurities in the hot springs to create clearer and cleaner water, making you feel as comfortable as you are in a pure natural hot spring!
  • Extend Life: This silver nitrate stick can extend the life of the spa, keep the crystal clean, keep your spa sparkling clean and fragrant, and make the guest's spa experience unparalleled!
  • Exist for High-cost Performance: This hot springs silver ion stick is based on a product that was born through market research and customer needs. It has a maintenance time of up to 4 months, and the maintenance cost is extremely low. It can be used in conjunction with your existing filter. Just put your hot tub stick in the filter. You can enjoy a carefree spa experience for 4 months!
  • Easy to Install: This silver ion cartridge hot springs stick is equipped with a complete manual. The installation can be completed quickly according to the steps of the manual and is not affected by heat. It can be installed at the existing flow rate. Just put the hydrotherapy rod into the existing filter, and then Let the hot tub stick work
  • Applicability: The minimum required filter length for the spa hot tub filter mineral rod parts is about 6.5 inches, and the minimum filter hole diameter is 1-1/4 inches; suitable for spas and hot tubs up to 500 gallons / 2000L

Bleach Soul Reaper Symbol Sweatshirt

$39.99  in stock
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • Ripple Junction Officially Licensed Bleach Merch.
  • 8.5 oz, Classic fit, Twill-taped neck

PUREROX disinfectant (1 gallon) Eliminate 99.9999% viruses, bacteria and fungi. Hospital Grade. Safe for Use Anywhere in Home, School, Medical, Commercial Facilities. Zero toxic residue. No Rinse. Suitable for All Surfaces.

 in stock
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • EFFECTIVE: Kills viruses (99.9999%) in 60 seconds in one step; drug resistant germs and fungi. It is on EPA’s list N. Prevents growth of damaging mold and mildew. Eliminates odors and allergens.
  • SAFE - Compatible with all surfaces and delicate equipment; pH neutral, NO harsh chemical residue, No added fragrance; No Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required
  • VERSATILE: Apply as a spray or with microfiber, wipes, cloth, sponge, mop; Great with electrostatic sprayer or ULV fogger
  • RESULTS: Used by hospitals, schools, childcare, nursing home, medical offices, and other commercial establishments for infection prevention

Micro-Scientific Opti-Cide3 Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner and Sanitizer Solution

$23.98  in stock
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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • Fast 2-minute kill time on clinical surfaces
  • Virucidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal
  • Broad spectrum effectiveness
  • No limitations on healthcare surfaces. Safe for both soft and hard surfaces
  • Ready to use - no mixing

Diversey-CBD540557 Virex All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner - Kills 99.9% of Germs and Eliminates Odors - 1 Gallon (2 Pack)

 in stock
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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • For use on hard, inanimate, nonporous surfaces such as floors, walls, porcelain, and plastic surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges and hotels
  • Provides broad spectrum kill of microorganisms including hbv, hiv-1, vre, mrsa, grsa, mrse, visa, prsp, herpes simplex types 1&2, influenza type A2, rotavirus and many more
  • One-step quaternary disinfectants cleaner and deodorant to clean and disinfect hard surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities
  • Kills the organisms that cause odors and works as an odor counteractant to further eliminate odors not associated with bacteria
  • Meets osha's bloodborne pathogen standards for hbv and hiv

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes, Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes, For Disinfecting and Cleaning, Lemon and Lime Blossom, 320 Count (Pack of 4)​

$12.47  in stock
8 new from $12.47
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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • DISINFECTING WIPES KILLS 99.9% OF VIRUSES AND BACTERIA: Lysol Disinfecting Wipes are tested and proven to clean and kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including 8 cold and flu viruses* (when used as directed)​.​
  • KILLS COVID-19 VIRUS: Tested & proven to kill COVID-19 virus** (**Kills SARS-CoV-2 on hard, non-porous surfaces in 15 seconds), EPA Reg #777-114​.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING WIPES 3X STRONGER THAN A PAPER TOWEL: These disinfecting cleaning wipes are 3x stronger than a paper towel.
  • USE ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: Germs and messes occur on more than kitchen and bathroom surfaces; conveniently tackle any tough surface including remotes, tablets, and smartphones with these multi-surface cleaning wipes.​
  • DISINFECTING WIPES FOR CLEANING: Disinfect and deodorize with the fresh smell of Lemon & Lime Blossom Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. Safely wipe down spills and remove allergens, including pet dander, dust mites, and pollen​.​

2 x Steramine Bottles of Sanitizing Tablets For Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces - Kills E-Coli, HIV, Listeria, 1-G, 150 Sanitizer Tablets per Bottle, Blue, Pack of 2 Bottles

 in stock
7 new from $18.39
Free shipping
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • CONCENTRATED SANITIZER TABLETS - Steramine 1-G Quaternary Tablets Multi-Purpose Sanitizer, 150 tablets per bottle, Pack of 2 Bottles
  • SANITIZES food contact surfaces and equipment in restaurants, bars, daycare centers, gyms, assisted-living facilities, schools and more. Kills CA-MRSA, Escherichia coli, HIV-1(Aids Virus), Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus
  • Premeasured and EASY TO USE. Use 1 tablet per 1 gallon of water. Visible results—turns water blue. Economical—super concentrated. One bottle makes 150 gallons of cleaning solution. Used by the Bar & Restaurant Industry Worldwide
  • Tested and evaluated under strict testing protocols, STERAMINE 1-G TABLETS is the first sanitizing product to be developed that has been accepted and registered as being effective in killing not only infectious bacteria but HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) as well
  • ECONOMICAL HOUSEHOLD / KITCHEN SANITIZER : Commercial strength but also makes a great economical household sanitizer! Ideal for 3rd sink sanitizing rinse for glassware, dishes and utensils, For food and non-food contact surfaces, Test with FMP 142-1363 QAC Test paper 0-400 PPM

Five Star - Star San - 16 Ounce - Brew Sanitizer High Foaming Acid Anionic

$16.99  in stock
14 new from $16.98
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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • HIGH FOAMING- This sanitizer produces foam with little agitation for penetration into those cracks and crevices of equipment
  • CONVENIENT NO-RINSE FORMULA- With only a 30 second contact time, this sanitizer doesn't need to be rinsed off When left to dry on stainless steel at certain concentrations, it will passivate and protect the equipment
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE - Comes in an easy dosing dual-neck bottle with built-in measurements
  • EFFECTIVE ON MANY SURAFACES- Great for use on carboys, kegs, fermentors, kettles, brewing systems, chillers, and heat exchangers
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS- Many craft brewers choose Star San as their sanitizer of choice in order to make good beer

BENEFECT Decon 30 Botanical Thymol Disinfectant Cleaning Solution, Great for All Purpose Cleaner, Sanitizing, Fogger Machine, Carpet Disinfecting - 20476 (Pack of 4: 1 Gallon)

$145.54  in stock
2 new from $139.99
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as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


Part Number20476-C4-FBM

Theochem NUTRA-MAX Disinfectant Cleaner/Deodorizer, 1gal Bottle

$26.42  in stock
2 new from $26.42
Free shipping
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • Convenient clean, disinfect and deodorize in one step.
  • Ideal for general cleaning on any hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • Removes dirt, grime, body oils and other common messes.
  • Multiple applications.
  • Easy-to-use concentrate with an optimum dilution of 1:32.

SaniDate Hard Surface Sanitizer - 1 Gallon (Case of 4) - Ready to Use Refill - EPA Registered - No Mixing - No Rinse - Food Contact Surface - Green Cleaning

$96.99  in stock
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • FOR DAILY USE: Easy, convenient, powerful, and effective multi-purpose cleaner.
  • IDEAL FOR FOOD CONTACT SURFACES: use on hard, non-porous surfaces, including food preparation surfaces.
  • BLEACH AND CHLORINE FREE: hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizer and deodorizer for everyday use.
  • KILLS 99.9% OF BACTERIA: Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and Salmonella enterica (Salmonella).
  • BIODEGRADABLE: no harmful residues. SaniDate Ready to Use breaks down into oxygen and water. Ideal for food preparation surfaces.

Clorox Turbo Handheld Power Sprayer for Small Businesses, Lightweight, Use With Disinfectant Cleaner, Covers Large Areas

$123.00  in stock
18 used from $68.17
Free shipping
as of February 21, 2022 4:10 pm


  • GET YOUR ENTIRE SPACE CLOROX CLEAN IN MINUTES: This handheld power sprayer is engineered for use in high-touch areas where you need to apply disinfectant to surfaces quickly and efficiently
  • PRECISION MIST: The power sprayer applies an even layer of disinfectant cleaner to surfaces, with easy-to-adjust spray settings to seamlessly switch between small or large jobs
  • JUST SPRAY, NO WIPING REQUIRED: When used with the Clorox Turbo Disinfectant Cleaner, all you need to do is spray, there’s no wiping required.
  • USE WITH CLOROX TURBO DISINFECTANT CLEANER: The bleach-free disinfectant cleaner (sold separately) kills 99.9% of germs, viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19
  • WHERE TO USE: The Clorox Turbo Power Sprayer is intended for use in a wide array of spaces such as kitchens, gyms, cars, beauty salons, bathrooms, clinics, reception areas, offices and locker rooms

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